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Siddha Ganju

Architect, Self-Driving Vehicles at NVIDIA | Forbes 30 U 30 '19 | Author of the Practical Deep Learning book

Siddha Ganju, featured in their 30 under 30 list of Forbes, is a Self-Driving Architect at Nvidia. Previously at Deep Vision, she developed deep learning models for resource constraint edge devices. A graduate from Carnegie Mellon University, her prior work ranges from Visual Question Answering to Generative Adversarial Networks to gathering insights from CERN’s petabyte-scale data and has been published at top-tier conferences including CVPR and NeurIPS. Serving as an AI domain expert, she has also been guiding teams at NASA as well as featured as a jury member in several international tech competitions. She has been an invited speaker and keynote speaker at multiple conferences and was the Youth Women’s Representative for India, 2013 at IET. Siddha is also a member of the Open Leadership Cohort, Mozilla Science Lab.

Siddha will present at the Zimbabwe Jobs of Tomorrow program on July 30th, 2020.